Periods while breastfeeding irregular

periods while breastfeeding irregular

I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing something similar. I am EBF, and my period returned on December 4th. Usually my cycle is Aug 26, Can you get your period while breastfeeding? Yes. In fact, there is such a variance in the amount of time that passes before a period is seen. Irregular periods while breastfeeding is quite common. The stimulation of baby on the breast causes the body to give off hormones that aid in milk production.

: Periods while breastfeeding irregular

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Periods while breastfeeding irregular -

Here are the causes, symptoms, and treatment options. Then i remember it was around 45 days in between my first 2 periods, then like high 30s, for a couple and then it started to drop to monthly and more regular and then i got pregnant with my second.