Citrucel while breastfeeding

citrucel while breastfeeding

Citrucel cautions for pregnant and breastfeeding Women Please note that the manufacturer urges cautious while taking Citrucel irritable bowel syndrome with. Jul 4, Find out what medications are safe during lactation. methylcellulose,or magnesium hydroxide (Citrucel, Colace, Fiberall, Fibvercom, Maalox. may use while breastfeeding; no human data available, though risk of infant harm and adverse effects on milk production not expected based on no maternal.

Citrucel while breastfeeding -

It is one of the gentlest laxatives available today as it is fiber-based and safe for long-term use. Continuing to breastfeed will help protect your little one, because your body produces antibodies to the specific bug that is causing the infection, and you pass them on to the baby in your breast milk. citrucel while breastfeeding