Bruised breasts from breastfeeding

bruised breasts from breastfeeding

Aug 8, A blocked duct is an area or segment of the breast where milk flow is area to feel bruised or remain reddened for a week or so afterwards. My left breast has that "bruised" achey feeling that usually goes along with a clogged duct, but the breast doesn't feel hard like it does when I. Sep 15, Some nursing mothers never have plugged ducts or breast With IBC, an area of the breast may look like a bruise that won't go away. This is. bruised breasts from breastfeeding

Bruised breasts from breastfeeding -

Lawrence R, Lawrence R. I was, however, left with several large lumps in my breast. Aug 21, Get advice on any of your breastfeeding problems or concerns. I pumped and had Willow drain the breast but I still feel bruised, just not as. Jul 30, This post shares one mother's story about nursing through breast injury, the course of the next day or two, one of my breasts began to bruise. Hi Ladies I am just needing your advise on whether or not my boobs should feel bruised? I am exclusively (apart from 2 tops ups) breastfeeding.